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Cevian has joined YYC Tech Gives!

YYC Tech Gives is proud to welcome Cevian as new members!

Cevian Technologies Ltd. is a software company with extensive experience developing real-time data acquisition, visualization, and reporting tools for the completions industry.

“We’re a new startup in the completions data space. Upon brainstorming with our 3 employee team, we decided volunteering was the best way to team-build!” says Jocelyn McMinn, Managing Director of Cevian. “Upon the advice of our network of other tech companies, such as Peloton and Arcurve, we are joining YYC Tech Gives. We are excited to join our peers at other Calgary tech companies giving back to the local community, and look forward to assisting with upcoming initiatives.”

We’re excited to have you on board, Cevian!

If you want to follow in Cevian’s example and make volunteering part of your team-building activities, we’d love to have you! Contact us today at

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