Founded in 2010, YYC Tech Gives is a group of tech companies in Calgary coming together to give back to the local community.


To date, YYC Tech Gives has donated more than $1.5 million to The Calgary Food Bank, which translates to over $7.5 million worth of food.


There are over 50 companies (and growing!) that are part of YYC Tech Gives and events are held throughout the year that all contribute to our lump sum donation made each December.

We are a volunteer driven organization with 100% of all donations today going directly to The Calgary Food Bank.  Our volunteers make a huge difference in the community!


The Calgary Food Bank

Established in 1982, the Calgary Food Bank is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to gathering and distributing quality emergency food to those in need. The Calgary Food Bank is not a government or United Way agency. We rely solely on the generous support of our community and volunteers.

CBC Calgary Eyeopener

Listen at 99.1FM and 1010AM in Calgary, the CBC Eyeopener brings you Calgary stories and information weekdays 6 - 8:30 AM.  Angela Knight of CBC's EyeOpener broadcasts live during our annual volunteer event - SPAM CUP - a  food sorting competition in the warehouse of the Calgary Food Bank.


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This year, many people came together to donate, volunteer their time, contribute their skills and expertise and otherwise put their amazing enthusiasm into a number of individual and group events that overall, contributed to the success of YYC Tech Gives. 


For this - we would like to say THANK -YOU  to the following volunteers:

Amanda Gamble
Kathy Stol
Krysti Barker
Lori Dundas
Tracy Burt Grier

Todd Kuipers 

Kevin Rooney

Kim McNabb
Jay Gohill
Lindsay Whittaker
Darcy Bross
Camelia Balan

Nathan Hyatt

William Leinweber

Alex Bird
Beth Brownie
Stuart O'Connor
Michael McGovern
John Pollock

Gilmore Junio

Mike Wong

Lee Schnellback
Joel Pollard
Erin Kutcy
Sonja Bronstein
Demetrio Pagano

Jordan Domoslai

Emily Denooij


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Volunteers are the heart of YYC Tech Gives. By registering as a volunteer here, you are giving YYC Tech Gives permission to use your name on our website for the purpose of ackowledging volunteer time and efforts made towards YYC Tech Gives!


The Beginning

Is your tech based community looking for a way to give back to the local community?

See how to get involved and join in the fun of  YYCTech Gives!