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Now that’s some spicy meat! … a look inside SPAM CUP (from the Calgary Food Bank)

mmmmm.... SPAM

Nutritional facts about SPAM (Cup)

Last year, 17,125 pounds of Christmas content was sorted, creating enough holiday content for over 5,000 families!

The Juicy Details

• Holiday content consists of all the non-perishable fixings used to create a holiday meal; stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, canned fruit and a canned vegetable.

• Last year, we distributed 6,781 hampers in December!

• Distributing an average of 452 hampers a day in December, pre-packing holiday content helps to ensure we provide enough for each family and serve our clients faster.

• Your efforts at SPAM Cup are not a small 'tin' for the Food Bank—it has a huge impact

The Tender Side of SPAM Cup—it's all about community!

• SPAM Cup brings together the Tech Community.

• SPAM Cup supports the Calgary Community.

• By participating in SPAM Cup, you help provide our clients the opportunity to bring together their own community for a holiday meal.

Thank you for supporting the Calgary Food Bank during the holiday season and all year long!

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