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Have You Set Up Your Team Page Yet?

Team pages are a great way to spread the word about fundraising for YYC Tech Gives!

Our YYC Tech Gives family is diverse and far reaching. We engage in lots of amazing fundraising activities through our individual organizations. Companies use this time to team build, and to engage their networks in their fundraising efforts.

The Food Bank's partnership with Canada Helps, allow us a mechanism gather donations online directly for the FoodBank. We can create a roll up affect to our collective fundraising total by encouraging the following:

1) Create a team page (organization or event)

2) Share your team page with your internal team

3) Share your team page with external people to donate

4) Encourage individuals to create personal pages under your team page

5) Individuals can send their personal page out to friends, family, colleagues

A little friendly competition with these pages...why not? Need some ideas? We have heard of PUSH UP or PLANK competitions, Bake Sales, and MAGIC THE GATHERING for food, not to mention BUSKIN' for the BANK! All of these events and individuals can make donations directly online.

So - set up your team page, get your personal pages going and blast your contact list! It's all for a good cause, AND you can let them know they will be emailed a tax receipt directly!

Have you created your team page yet?

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