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SPAM CUP Part 3 of 3: RINGER?!

Criteria #3: RINGER!

By far, this is the SPAM CUP criteria we get the most questions about! So read on to find out the details of securing a RINGER for your SPAM CUP team!

Question: What is a RINGER?

Answer: A RINGER is open to interpretation! For YYC Tech Gives, we like to encourage teams to reach out to a minor local celebrity that want to volunteer their time for a great cause!

Or it might be a chance to engage someone in your network that would like to be part of the work you do in the community.

Question: What is the purpose of bringing a RINGER?

Answer: The strategy choice is yours...looking for a heavy lifter? Maybe speed

and agility? Maybe someone who is great at sorting? All solid strategies. No matter which you go with, you want to ensure your RINGER makes a big splash, impresses the judges and gets the crowd FIRED UP! All of these are going to contribute to your overall RINGER points, helping to propel your team to SPAM CUP victory!

Your team will be awarded POINTS on your SPAM CUP scoreboard for your RINGER and their level of engagement in the event!

Question: Can you give us an example of a RINGER?

Answer: We've had Chuck wagon Drivers, Olympic Athletes, Professional

Cheerleaders and random appearances from Darth Vader, Elvis and even Jolly St.

Nick himself (to name a few)! The loudest by far has been our Calgary Police Service Pipe Band, however, Dan the One Man Band gave them a run for their money last year. Our all time favourites continue to be on own local mascots including Harvey the Hound, Harry the Horse and Ralph the Dog!

Question: Does the RINGER Make up 1 of your 3 SPAM CUP Team Members?

Answer: That is totally your choice! For Health and Safety reasons you can only have 3 people at your spot on the line. So - if your Ringer is 1, only 2 other people from your company can sort. Many organizations choose to have their RINGER cheer from the sidelines to get the crowd fired up, but that is totally dependent on your team strategy!

Question: Can my RINGER have a change room at the Calgary Food Bank?!

Answer: Rooms are doable, a gold star on the door is negotiable (along with the blue M&M's!)

Question: What time does my RINGER need to be there SPAM CUP Morning?

Answer: Our RINGERS are considered volunteers that morning so they have to be in the warehouse promptly at 6:45am for the Safety Briefing prior to the kick off of SPAM CUP at 7am! Your RINGER will be with you in either Heat One (approximately 7:00am to 7:25 am) or Heat Two (approximately 7:35 - 8:00am). So if they are available for the full hour and 15 minutes that would be great. If you do need to request a heat to accommodate your Ringer please let us know ASAP by emailing

We hope this has helped answer a few questions about the RINGER criteria for SPAM CUP! Once you have selected the RINGER for your team, we would love to hear about it so we can start to follow them on social media and get geared up for the big event! Write us a snippet for a blog post, tag us on social media (#SPAMCUP) or simply send us an email!


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