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SPAM CUP 2018: Part 2 is all about Team Spirit!

If you are one of the 26 teams heading to the the SPAM CUP on Dec. 11th, 2018 you'll want to read on!

Criteria #2: Team Spirit!

Prior to arriving at SPAM CUP 2018, your organization will need to select 3 individuals that will represent them on the assembly line. For some companies this is as easy as asking: "Who wants to volunteer really early in the morning?" For others, it's a chance to engage in some team building activities to help select the crew.

One thing you might want to consider in your selection criteria is who can represent well in terms of "Team Spirit!". These points have been added over the years to the SPAM CUP score card to encourage teams to not only wear their own colours and logos, but to add to the festivities at the Food Bank's warehouse that morning.

Elves at work?! Absolutely! A PJ party because it's too early to wear anything else? A solid strategy! For team spirit we want to see you dedicated to a theme, owning your company brand, or using the holiday season itself! Whatever strategy you choose, own it in a BIG WAY like these folk!

Costumes are encouraged, props are welcome (especially if they make noise!) and company logos make great pictures for your organization's social media feeds that morning! We would encourage you to use all tools at your disposal, including your creativity! Please remember: you will have to sort food - so being able to move around safely is a prerequisite!


There is always room for cheerleaders! While you may only have 3 team

members on the assembly line sorting, we have a HUGE cheer-leading section roped off that we would love to fill! Bring the rest of your people out to spur your team to victory. Speaking of cheerleaders...stay tuned for PART 3: The RINGER blog post coming up!


Don't forget, the SPAM CUP score sheet the judges use is broken down into three categories:


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