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SPAM CUP 2018: Weight, Team Spirit, Ringer! (Part 1 of 3)

What's in a Weight?

Our 2018 SPAM CUP contingent of 26 teams signed up in record time this year and the competition is going to be fierce!

These volunteers will sort Holiday Content for the Calgary Food Bank's Holiday Hampers. The SPAM CUP competition creates a festive atmosphere that challenges teams to sort and pack as much content as possible while spreading some cheer!

Should we bring heavy lifters? Meticulous planners? Our teams have questions so we've created a 3 part blog series focused on the three winning criteria of 1) Weight sorted 2) Team Spirit and 3) Ringer!

Criteria #1: WEIGHT

When your team arrives at SPAM CUP, they will be directed to sign in at our registration table and your team captain will receive “labels”. These are large white stickers with your company name on them.

Our instructions that morning will include what to sort. Your team of three people will pick a spot on the assembly line to get the items into a bag, securely tie it and place the bags into a large pallet box.

You will have limited time so it is a race to get as many bags in your pallet as possible. Teams must ensures their company label is on the pallet box. If you fill one – you want to make sure that you put a new label on the new pallet! Speed is key here! The more you bag, the more weight you will achieve.

At the end of your heat, the amazing staff at the Food Bank will whisk your pallet off via forklift to be weighed, in lbs. This weight makes up the first part of your SPAM CUP total points. Those teams sorting the most in weight will automatically rocket to the top of the potential SPAM CUP winner score board!


There is a category for HEAVY WEIGHT Champions! This separate title will be awarded to the team that has the highest weight overall. Pounds Count!

Over the years, our teams have collectively sorted about 25,000-30,000 lbs of food during the SPAM CUP at the Calgary Food Bank...we're proud of what our volunteers are able to achieve in sorting Holiday Content to go out to Calgarians in need.

Stay tuned for more information on Team Spirit and Ringer points as we get closer to SPAM CUP 2018!

Meanwhile, if your team has questions about fundraising email us at

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