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  • Krysti Barker, HR Internal Communications Manager

Workings towards a collective goal!

I am a believer that being a good business, means doing good as a business. Which is why I am so committed to managing our CSR programs at XI Technologies. For me it’s an incredible opportunity to develop and engage staff, and to help create a positive and creative environment where our employees can thrive.

This year we had a unique challenge presented to us by YYC Tech Gives for the 2016 Holiday season. As we all know, the last few years have been a challenge for many Calgarians and demand at the Calgary Food Bank has increased substantially. In the initial fall meetings with the Food Bank to plan for YYC Tech Gives marquee event – Spam Cup (where over 100 volunteers sort and pack Holiday Food content for Calgarians in need), it became clear that we would need a new approach to this event to ensure that we had enough Holiday food content for the annual Holiday Hampers. YYC Tech Gives collectively stepped up to raise money to purchase food content for all of the Holiday Hampers provided by the Food Bank, ensuring all Calgarians could in fact enjoy a holiday meal with their family.

On 12/06/16 26 YYC Tech Gives companies packed and sorted 28,080 lbs of Holiday Food Content at the Calgary Food Bank. Our group of XI’ers who have been involved with YYC Tech Gives for 5 years now, made record team donations, volunteered countless hours, and helped to ensure the success of this incredible event. In addition we were honored to help present a cheque for $238,836 to the Calgary Food Bank at Blitz Day on December 15!

Making a difference with YYC Tech Gives has provided our employees countless opportunities to volunteer time, donate, to share thoughtful and innovate ideas, and to meet and network with over 45 other YYC Tech Companies.

We are looking forward to another great year with YYC Tech Gives!

-Krysti Barker, HR and Communications Manager @ XI Technologies

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