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If you've ever worked for a start-up, especially in it's early years, you know what it's like to work in a lean organization with limited resources. This year, Vivametrica was introduced to YYC Tech Gives through a friend of the company. It was a week before the Spam Cup, but we managed to get the majority of our team out to the event. We didn't know what to expect when we arrived at the food bank that morning, but we ended up having a blast! A great team-building event that got the blood rushing at 7am in the morning.

This year we are happy to be part of giving through YYC Tech Gives. Like many other tech companies at various stages there is simply no budget for corporate giving, so all of our contributions this year were from our team members directly. Despite the size of our organization and the fact that the actual amount we were able to contribute as a company was small, our giving felt big as part of YYC Tech Gives. That we could be part of the the big check at the end of the day meant even more, altogether representing the growing technology sector right here in Calgary.

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