SPAM CUP 2020 (Plan B)
Teams will compete over the course of a week to see who can raise the most food and money donations. Money donations will be made to your team’s specific page, and food donations will be dropped off and weighed on Tuesday, December 15th.
Monday Dec 8th through to Tuesday Dec 15th
Where you store them is up to you.

How will this year work with COVID?

Same Charity, No Trophy, Still Awesome, Always Needed!
We have created a way to continue the compete in the spirit of the Spam Cup Challenge while adhering to AHS guidelines to ensure everyone stays safe this season. Teams will compete to collect as many phone donations as they can.

The Set Up – Each team will register to compete, and once confirmed will be provided details on how to create their company’s donation page. From there it’s up to you on how you want to get your company to raise more food and money than anyone else.

How it Works – All teams will have one week to collect as many food items and cash donations as possible before drop off day on December 15th. How you raise the donations is up to you, but we encourage you do so only in a manner that meets both AHS and your Company’s COVID-19 protocol guidelines.
For anyone wanting to create a virtual fundraiser they can create a team under the YYC Tech page here:

"I can't participate, can I still contribute?"


Not able to take part in Spam Cup this year?
No worries! You can still take part by donating and getting others involved.


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